About Us

ICHTHYS Theatre Productions Mission Statement

ICHTHYS Theatre seeks to increase appreciation of the performing arts and to offer educational opportunities to audiences, casts and crews through participation in productions and workshops. ICHTHYS presents innovative and thought-provoking theatre focusing on a wide spectrum of life issues relevant to all generations. ICHTHYS' signature is unique staging, optimizing the interaction between audience, actors and the action. ICHTHYS devotes a sizable portion of its seasonal programming to the presentation of theatre for school audiences.

ICHTHYS Theatre Guiding Principles

ICHTHYS Theatre is a style of dramatic presentation that seeks to maximize audience involvement and interaction with the actors and the action. The stage thrusts out into the audience with no curtain to shut patrons out. A minimum of set pieces are used in order to focus on the characters and the script.

Our Founder and current Artistic Director:

Lorna - Founder Ichthys Theatre

Lorna Stratton founded ICHTHYS Theatre Productions in October 2000. It had been her dream for many years to begin her own community theatre company, but it was spending three weeks at the Stratford Festival Theatre in August of that year, taking her English Specialist Teacher Certification, that pushed her over the edge. Her intent was to create a company that distinguished itself from other groups through its choice of plays, its presentation style, and its friendly, inclusive nature. Innovative staging, including surround theatre, has become the ICHTHYS signature for presenting quality plays with thought-provoking stories. Interaction between the audience, the cast and the action is key to exciting theatre. Lorna earned her Specialized Honours BA in English, particularly Dramatic Literature, from the University of Guelph, and her Bachelor of Education from the Ontario Teacher Education College. She recently retired from teaching English and Drama at Paris District High School. She wishes to thank her helpmate and husband, Derek, for his unqualified support in the ICHTHYS adventure, never complaining that it seems to have taken over their lives. Thanks also to God for the strength to carry on, and for being our ultimate Problem Solver.

All members of the public who are interested in the inner workings of theatre, the ad-lib adventures, and the sweet rewards of supporting live theatre in Brantford should consider joining ICHTHYS Theatre Productions.

ICHTHYS Theatre Productions is a proud member of Volunteer Canada!